Mount Garfield


Mount Garfield at 6,780′ elevation is the high point of the Book Cliffs range — a series of desert mountains and cliffs stretching 200 miles from western Colorado into eastern Utah, north of Grand Junction. Appearing primarily along the southern and western edge of the Tavaputs Plateau, these cliffs are largely composed of sedimentary materials that cap many of the south-facing buttes, appearing similar to a shelf of books.

Within the Colorado Plateau geologic province, these cliffs of Cretaceous sandstone begin where the Colorado River descends south through De Beque Canyon into the Grand Valley before running west to Price Canyon near Helper, UT.

Mount Garfield<br>Mount Garfield - 2013 Mount Garfield II<br>Mount Garfield - 2013 Book Cliffs Mountains<br>Mount Garfield - 2013 Book Cliffs Mountains II<br>Mount Garfield - 2013 Tavaputs Plateau<br>Mount Garfield - 2013

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Western Landscape II


Western Space + Time

Having awakened my appetite for large-scale landscape, I explored other western vistas in Wyoming, Utah, California and northern Arizona, in addition to return visits to the high country of Montana. Experimenting with the panoramic format, I found it easier to capture the breadth of the land while more closely matching its flow.

During the creation of this series, I first realized that my obsession with condensing time via motion within a single frame was intimately linked to a lifetime of restlessness.

Hidden Cliffs<br>Western Landscape II - 1999 Potato Ridge<br>Western Landscape II - 1999 Red Gulch<br>Western Landscape II - 1999 Drakes Bay<br>Western Landscape II - 1999 Lake Powell<br>Western Landscape II - 1999 Snowy Range<br>Western Landscape II - 1999 Sonoma<br>Western Landscape II - 1999 Tensleep<br>Western Landscape II - 1999

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Western Landscape I


Needing an escape from urban living, I spent weeks in the solitude of Montana’s incredible high-country where I first experienced the grandeur of western landscape. It’s grand distances, unavailable in the Washington, DC parks, opened up a host of new possibilities in light, color and resolution that took me to a place I hadn’t experienced since the transatlantic ocean sailing days of my early twenties.

Lamar Valley<br>Western Landscape I - 1997 Judith Bench<br>Western Landscape I - 1997 Big Creek Ranch<br>Western Landscape I - 1997 Wind River Range<br>Western Landscape I - 1997 Smith River<br>Western Landscape I - 1997 Absorakas<br>Western Landscape I - 1997 Toward Bozeman<br>Western Landscape I - 1997 Choteau Sunset<br>Western Landscape I - 1997

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