A4 Truchas Peaks 2
The illusion of movement, really of acceleration, is arguably the defining sensation of our time. Though we have precious little clarity about where we are headed, we all know we are rushing faster and faster on, and this precipitation determines what we see and how. Plake’s indecisive moments are more appropriate to our present alienation from nature than any f64 sharp-at-the-corners image. 

―David Levi Strauss


A5 Coast Composition III 2I grew up hyperactive, A.D.H.D., in the frenetic pace of urban life, where I was preoccupied with never having enough time. It has affected my perspective on life and became the basis for my photography — accelerated landscapes.

Retreating into nature, its vast spaces became the antidote to my manic need to capture time. In these sanctuaries — the open ocean, silent forests, and big sky country – I can breathe and focus and share in their unconditional peace.

A2 Morning Glow 2It’s no accident that both my landscapes and seascapes convey the serenity I am looking for in my own life.
Rather than photography’s concentration on the frozen moment, I am after the space between moments where time is expanded and data compressed.
By moving the camera during exposure, I include more information in each image and expand the expressive possibilities of the photographic medium.

B2 Death Valley Against Sierras 2Increasingly, my camera strokes have become complex curves. From the raw material, the landscape textures are perceived then amplified; Colors are stretched and blended to gain subtleties previously unattainable. By photographing the space between, I don’t have absolute control — thus the serendipity.