Kauai Green


Stretching across Kauai’s northern end, the Na Pali coast’s steep, dramatic terrain is rimmed with narrow beaches and booming surf. It’s vivid colors range from the lush tropical greens to the island’s red, oxidized basaltic foundation and a myriad of colors in between. The crystal clear sunlight intermittently filtered by the voluminous clouds adds a vast and brilliant pacific blue border for this magnificent coast.

I have yet to have a bad day – light wise or cloud-wise – on Kauai! Having lived for the last ten years in the southwest’s high desert country, it was truly a luxury…

Kauai Green<br>Kauai Green - 2013 Kauai Green II<br>Kauai Green - 2013 Kauai Green III<br>Kauai Green - 2013 Kauai Soft Green<br>Kauai Green - 2013 Kauai Red<br>Kauai Green - 2013 Kauai Softer Green II<br>Kauai Green - 2013 Kauai Green IV<br>Kauai Green - 2013