West Antarctic Ice Sheet Begins Irreversible Retreat

Antarctica’s 5,000 foot average elevation is the highest of all the continents, and consisting almost entirely of ice, it accounts for 80% of the earth’s fresh water. So the recent discovery that one vast ice sheet, in Western Antarctica has not only begun melting, but has already reached a point of no return, is beyond scary. (more…)

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PhotoTravel: Antarctica 2014 (Part II)

1 Out Beagle Channel (arrctc) 032614 2iN c022314p< 1.5 200dpi6.4%22q9.jpg-0173Walking down the extended pier, I passed the eerie 91-passenger ship whose windows were being replaced after the recent storm blew them out and forced her back to port. Just past her, I saw our Ocean Diamond, which comfortingly was a much larger vessel – higher, taller and longer. As I stood with the other 180 passengers boarding this 300’ long ship, I exhaled, feeling more comfortable about crossing the 500-mile wide Drake Passage considered among the roughest oceans in the world.

4 Leaving The Andeas Behind (arrctc) 032614 2iN c022314p< 1.5 200dpi6.4%22q9.jpg-0228Greeted by the Captain, first officers, and our Expedition Crew, I was further reassured that all was in order, and our personal gear was waiting for us in our appointed cabins. Within an hour, we assembled for safety instructions, and by 6 PM the Ocean Diamond was cast loose to begin our journey out the 50 mile Beagle Channel to Drake’s Passage with the beautiful setting sun highlighting the steep Andies backdrop. (more…)

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