Unstill Life

by Michael Abatemarco for The New Mexican

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Photography has the power to freeze the world, capturing the view of a landscape in perfect stillness. The viewer’s sense of active participation in the environment when looking at such a photograph is subdued: both the image and viewer are still. What photographer Gunnar Plake has achieved in The Light Within, his second series of Grand Canyon images, challenges the idea of landscape photography as a vehicle for evoking the nuances of the still image; (more…)

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An Interview with Gunnar Plake

by Maria Porges

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Maria Porges: The most unique aspect of your photographs is the first thing we notice: they portray a state of motion. How did you develop your distinctive technique? (more…)

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Accelerated Landscape

by David Levi Strauss

One of the things I miss most about living on the plains is the way that landscape looks at high speed. Landscape and driving fast came to me together, as a package. (more…)

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Time & The Space Between

by Sharyn Udall

Gunnar Plake, with camera in hand, has ranged over much of the West finding fresh approaches to landscape. His decision to photograph the Grand Canyon was not taken lightly. (more…)

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