Taos, New Mexico


Returning to New Mexico and the splendid variation of topography along its eastern edge, offering spectacular views of its high desert scenery.

North of Santa Fe, 70 miles along the east side of the Rio Grande, lies the western base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. With a year-round population of nearly 6,000, Taos’ population expands considerably during the winter, as the excellent skiing in Taos is often compared to Jackson Hole.

Taos sits on the eastern edge of the Taos plateau at an elevation of 7,000′, while the mountains further west above Taos soar to 11,000–12,000′.

Taos<br>Taos, New Mexico – 2013 Taos II<br>Taos, New Mexico – 2013 Taos III<br>Taos, New Mexico – 2013 Taos IV<br>Taos, New Mexico – 2013 Taos V<br>Taos, New Mexico – 2013 Taos VI<br>Taos, New Mexico – 2013