Galisteo Basin Aerial


Just south of Santa Fe at the southern terminus of the Rocky Mountains, the Galisteo Basin begins a 2,500′ elevation descent south over 40 miles to the Sandias adjacent to Albuquerque; And to the west it stretches beyond the Rio Grande Rift to the southern end of the foothills of the Jemez Mountains.

Surrounded by these three mountain ranges, the Galisteo Basin’s classic northern New Mexico high desert landscape offers dramatic views in all directions. Having introduced three Galisteo Basin image series captured in 2011, this posting comprises a series of the Galisteo Basin captured from a morning helicopter flight in 2012.

To view more images of the Galisteo Basin, see Galisteo Basin I, Galisteo Basin II and Galisteo Basin III.

Galisteo Basin South<br>Galisteo Basin Aerial - 2012 Mesa<br>Galisteo Basin Aerial - 2012 Galisteo Basin Southeast<br>Galisteo Basin Aerial - 2012 Cerrillos Hills West<br>Galisteo Basin Aerial - 2012 Southwest Across Rio Grande Rift<br>Galisteo Basin Aerial - 2012 Jemez Foothills West<br>Galisteo Basin Aerial - 2012 Jemez Foothills Northwest<br>Galisteo Basin Aerial - 2012 Rio Grande<br>Galisteo Basin Aerial - 2012