Denali Afar


Now that we had flown over the Peter’s Hills to the beginning of Denali’s vertical ascent, in and around this incredibly steep range, landed on and taken off from a glacier, circled the northern side of Denali, and returned the 60 miles back to Talkeetna, the challenge was to capture the entire Denali Mountain from afar. And luck was with us, as it was clear as a bell!

The Alaska Range is the highest in the world outside of Asia and the Andes. It forms a generally east-west arc with its northernmost portion in the center. Acting as a high barrier to the flow of moist air from the Gulf of Alaska northwards, The Alaska Range has some of the harshest weather in the world.

Denali Afar<br>Denali Afar - 2012 Denali<br>Denali Afar - 2012 Denali II<br>Denali Afar - 2012 Denali III<br>Denali Afar - 2012 Alaska Range II<br>Denali Afar - 2012