My Favorite Cottonwood in Santa Fe


For the fifteen years I’ve lived in Santa Fe, every time I pass this particularly magnificent old Cottonwood standing along the west side of Canyon Road, I’ve known I must photograph it.

Situated In the front yard of an art gallery, one property north of Delgado Street, stands this enormous, incredibly majestic Cottonwood with its high, and wide, canopy spreading gloriously, with exquisite symmetry. It is most spectacular in late October as its leaves turn their golden yellow.

This year, after spending much of September and October high up on Santa Fe Mountain amongst its extensive Aspen stands capturing various stages of this fall’s color turn, one morning in late October my favorite Cottonwood at last insisted on my attention.

What’s always especially captivated my attention has been the lovely radial symmetry of its incredible canopy. This late morning its leaves were at peak color against a wonderful blue sky.

Now, you too can see what’s always always captivated my fascination about this more than 100 year old natural treasure…

Cottonwood Tree<br>My Favorite Cottonwood Tree — 2018 Cottonwood Tree II<br>My Favorite Cottonwood Tree — 2018 Cottonwood Tree III<br>My Favorite Cottonwood Tree — 2018 Cottonwood Tree IV<br>My Favorite Cottonwood Tree — 2018 Cottonwood Tree V<br>My Favorite Cottonwood Tree — 2018