Kauai naPali Shore


Kauai is the fourth largest of the main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago; it is also the oldest and most northern.  Just over one hundred miles across the Kauai Channel northwest of O’ahu, its 562 square miles has a population of 67,000.

From the spectacular Na Pali shoreline, along Kauai’s north end, looking in all directions is classic Kauai. Rarely without wind, the white surf rims the incredible blue ocean as its shoreline bends east and west.

Known as the “Garden Isle”, the Na Pali coast receives more rain than nearly any other place in the world. The contrast of its vivid greens interspersed with rust red earth and shadows from the usual voluminous cloud cover makes for one of the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever seen.

How can I resist overlaying all this with a vivid sense of the passage of time?

Highlands<br> Kauai naPali shore - 2013 Barking Beach<br> Kauai naPali shore - 2013 Sugar Cane<br> Kauai naPali shore - 2013 Southwest Coast<br> Kauai naPali shore - 2013 Sugar Cane II<br> Kauai naPali shore - 2013 West Coast<br> Kauai naPali shore - 2013