Snow Spiral Redux


Early one winter morning 15 years ago, driving up Santa Fe Mountain amongst the extensive aspen stands, I rounded a curve to glimpse out of the corner of my eye something I couldn’t  believe: slamming on the brakes, I sat looking at a ‟snow spiral” that had formed on a steep slope; after a much closer look, it was obvious to me that it had formed all on it’s own, without any external force other than snow and wind on a steep slope…

Once convinced it had formed naturally, and having never before seen seen anything like it, I spent the next thirty minutes or so capturing it.

Nor have I have seen anything like it since…

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Snow Spiral<br>Snow Spiral Redux — 2003 Snow Spiral II<br>Snow Spiral Redux — 2003 Snow Spiral III<br>Snow Spiral Redux — 2003