Western Landscape III


Passages of Time

In this series, I focused on two regions, north-central Oregon and southeastern Washington. Both volcanic in origin, they provided extremely unique landscapes. By narrowing the content in my images, I found I could portray a visual intimacy in the sensuous curves of land and the richness of the summer colors.

My relationship with the land deepened as I stretched light and color, blended emulsions and increasingly related my camera strokes to the landscape’s flow.

The Palouse<br>Western Landscape III - 2002 Second Cutting<br>Western Landscape III - 2002 From Steptoe Butte<br>Western Landscape III - 2002 Palouse in Spring<br>Western Landscape III - 2002 Painted Hill<br>Western Landscape III - 2002 Hills of Clay<br>Western Landscape III - 2002