White Sands II


After spending five days over the New Year shooting the Grand Canyon, I photographed my way through the red rocks of Sedona, across the Continental Divide, then dropped down to the Rio Grande, following it south into the Tularosa Basin to shoot at White Sands once again.

Sand dunes are always striking as their organic shapes and patterns constantly change the absorption and reflection of light, but the dunes of White Sands are uniquely special because they reflect the color of the surrounding light more vividly.

San Andres Mountains<br>White Sands II - 2012 San Andres Mountains II<br>White Sands II - 2012 San Andres Mountains III<br>White Sands II - 2012 Tulaosa Basin<br>White Sands II - 2012 El Caballo Mountains<br>White Sands II - 2012 Moon at Sunrise<br>White Sands II - 2012 Sacramento Mountains<br>White Sands II - 2012 Sierra Blanca<br>White Sands II - 2012

White Sands I