Off To The Antarctic

Off To The Antarctic

One week from today I depart Santa Fe for Miami, Buenos Aries and then Ushuaia at the very southern tip of Argentina to board a cruise ship for two weeks to the South Shetland Islands and on to the Antarctic Peninsula.

3 Margerie Glacier (a glB) 110812 6iN c082512ap< 1.5 200dpi12%22q100-3674All in search of blue ice! A year and a half ago on my first trip to Alaska, I was fascinated by glimpses of blue ice glaciers, but it was not nearly as dramatic as I had expected.

Since the Antarctic Continent is covered with an average of 5,000’ of ice – nearly 70% of the entire earth’s fresh water – I am looking forward to massive cliffs of solid ice. Over time as the ice build-up has increased, its compression has squeezed out the air bubbles, which in turn increases the size of ice crystals, thus making the ice clear:

5 Glacier Bay (a glB) 110812 6iN c082512ap< 1.5 200dpi12%22q100-3780
As with water, the blue is caused by the absorption of both red and yellow light, which leaves only light at the blue end of the visible light spectrum.



  1. jim heath

    remember the penguin shot

    • Thinking of you in Australia now with Grace and Heath, then on to NZ !!! Enjoy your journey!!
      Love and courage!!

  2. richard swartz

    Wonderful work! Just beautiful! What an exciting trip ahead.
    I’ll be thinking of you.


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