Bosque del Apache III


Early winter light warms the soft wetlands screened against the hard Chupadera Mountains as the rising sun awakens thousands of migrating fowl. The Snow Geese’s cacophony builds and 10,000 Sandhill Cranes begin lifting off in twos and threes with their six-foot wing spans slowly, powerfully, pumping them upward.

President Clinton used to say: “It’s the economy, stupid.” With landscape, it’s the light! Never is that more pronounced than in early winter at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge with the Sandhills flying.

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Winter Palette<br>Bosque del Apache III - 2011 Winter Palette II<br>Bosque del Apache III - 2011 Winter Palette III<br>Bosque del Apache III - 2011 Two Sandhills In Flight<br>Bosque del Apache III - 2011 Three Sandhills<br>Bosque del Apache III - 2011 Bosque Apache<br>Bosque del Apache III - 2011