Bosque del Apache II


The Bosque’s most celebrated season begins with the arrival of the Sandhill Cranes in mid-November and lasts until January-February when they head north to breed. Honking and calling 10-15,000 strong, the Sandhills congregate in groups among thousands of Snow Geese creating a spectacular migratory stop in the desert sands.

Sandhills appear gangly standing in the water on their long skinny legs.  Yet as one of North America’s larger water fowl with wingspans reaching six feet, they are definitely the stars of the Bosque show.

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Grasslands<br>Bosque del Apache II - 2012 Wetlands<br>Bosque del Apache II - 2012 Wetlands Trail<br>Bosque del Apache II - 2012 Sandhill Cranes Lift Off<br>Bosque del Apache II - 2012 Chupaderas<br>Bosque del Apache II - 2012 High Desert Bosque<br>Bosque del Apache II - 2012