Bosque del Apache I


Spanish for ‘Woods of the Apache’, the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1939 to help protect the endangered Sandhill Cranes. Situated on the Rio Grande in south-central New Mexico, 90 miles south of Albuquerque, this tiny high desert wetland serves as a crowded migratory rest stop for thousands of snow geese and 10-15,000 Sandhill Cranes heading down the continent as winter approaches, and again on their return north for breeding season.

Though it’s been eight years since I moved from Maryland’s eastern shore to Santa Fe, I still marvel at the contrast between New Mexico’s high desert wetlands rimmed by 6-7,000’ mountains, to the eastern shore’s low country wetlands surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay. Even more profound, however, is the contrast between the moisture-laden eastern shore light and New Mexico’s high, dry, ever clear atmosphere.

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Bosque del Apache<br>Bosque del Apache - 2011 Woods of the Apache<br>Bosque del Apache - 2011 Snow Geese<br>Bosque del Apache - 2011 Wetlands II<br>Bosque del Apache - 2011 Wetlands Against Chupederas<br>Bosque del Apache - 2011 Pair of Sandhills<br>Bosque del Apache - 2011 Bosque Totem<br>Bosque del Apache - 2011

Bosque Apache II